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The same birthdays

My birthday is the same as yours!
But besides that, the animation was nice and simplistic yet entertaining, and the song was funny.
Great job :D

Very nicely done

It is very clear that you put a lot of effort into this. You even went as far as adding that bar on the bottom! (very helpful by the way) I'm sure it took ages to make this with all the icons and what not. But it paid off. You deserve all the rewards you got for this, 10/10 5/5 :D

Not good

Well, that is probably the 10 billionth sprite flash to use that same exact (alvin earthworm/ dragon ball z) style and all those damn dragon ball z sound effects. In other words it was extremely unoriginal. People like to see originality in everything. Sprite videos are no exception. The animation did not look very good either. There was no easing nor fluidity throughout the entire video. And it doesn't look like you finished it either :P If you want to post something to newgrounds it should at least be finished.
I'm not bashing on you or anything but you need to know the truth and the mistakes. I give you a 1 for effort because it looks like you did put SOME effort into it.

aduvivier1 responds:

well the full flash has some secrets such as an area with non dbz effects, 30 seconds even, but if I say why it will ruin the flash, anyway thanx for the review, sortof, it was more or less helpful, I am currently looking for non dbz effects for the flash now

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Im gonna rate this a 9 because the controls were very smooth and the animation looked very well done and put together, the only thing lacking was the length though. I was just a little too short for an epic game but it is all around, very good. I lol'd when I fought Bowser and apparently a glitch or something happened and his fireballs kept splitting and he made a giant fire wall and as soon as it touched me I died instantly! HA HA

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Really good

This definitely sounds like a song that would play during the menu or credits in a video. And whenever I listen to it it reminds of me of the sims lol.
But all in all a very mellow song with a nice beat and rhythm, keep it up man :]


This is the far most amazing, spectacular, crazy track I have heard all day!
All my ten and five are going out to this! keep up the awesome work and I hope to hear more from you!


This isn't exactly my type of music but i really like this because you composed it so well. It started to make me relaxed about half way through so this would be a really good lullaby song ha ha. Keep it up!

spudmuffinman responds:

Heh. Thanks. Once I read your review it made me wanna write another song!

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Super dynamic and expressive posing, great job!

These are awesome, super stylish!

I get the joke

I used to love watching that big haired guy paint, although I think I'd enjoy watching hank play even more ;D

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